DCN Online is dedicated to facilitating  connections between Florida property owners and building professionals, ensuring effortless access to storm-related goods and services. In the aftermath of disasters, homeowners face the daunting challenge of rebuilding and restoring their properties. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, we act as the ultimate intermediary between homeowners, contractors, suppliers, associations, and vital information.   Our platform hosts a comprehensive directory of skilled contractors specializing in various services such as air conditioning, plumbing, roofing, and flooring.   Whether immediate repairs or long-term restoration solutions are required, our network extends to suppliers offering essential supplies needed for storm-related repairs and renovations, including exterior doors, impact protective systems, and roofing materials.   Our Knowledge Center serves as an invaluable resource, providing up-to-date postings on post-disaster information, such as executive and emergency orders, hurricane/tropical storm updates, and emergency management information linked to FEMA. Additionally, it offers links to emergency assistance resources like Florida Disaster Recovery and Red Cross, as well as updates from the Florida Building Commission.   Moreover, our association directory plays a pivotal role in fulfilling our mission by providing a comprehensive listing of trade and professional associations in the design and construction industry. It offers valuable resources and networking opportunities for members seeking industry-specific expertise, educational programs, or collaboration opportunities.   Join us in our mission to support rebuilding efforts and strengthen communities in Florida by registering as a contractor, suppler, or association today.

For support questions please email support@dcnonline.org